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Indoor Fitness Options in New York

Indoor Fitness Options in New York

December 17th, 2018 | Sports & Entertainment

We all know the drill. When the holidays hit, everyone indulges in comfort food, creamy drinks and seasonal desserts. Then, our clothes begin to feel considerably tighter, especially because we don’t feel like working out. At all. Does this sound familiar? If the answer is yes, it’s time to break the cycle. Read Royalton Park Avenue’s recommendations for staying fit indoors this winter.

Exhale Fitness Spa

Located on the third floor of Royalton Park Avenue, Exhale is a studio offering superb fitness classes to suit every taste. Yogis can practice their inversions, arm balances or simple warrior poses with top teachers. If you want to try something different, why not book a barre class? This fitness trend is becoming more popular each day, as it combines the flexibility, strength training and grace that ballet dancers possess. Those looking for a high-intensity workout should sign up for a HIIT class — a fast-paced interval workout that will leave you dripping even on the coldest of days.


Cyclists tend to experience withdrawal symptoms when snow starts falling. Apart from installing a bike trainer in your home, there isn’t much you can do… That is, unless you book a Flywheel class with us!  Each class consists of energetic indoor cycling sessions that push your body to the limit. Practice riding up steep hills, speed along flat courses or experience mixed terrain. Whatever your fitness goal, Flywheel makes it possible.

couple-climbing-in-indoor-gym-at-chelsea-piers-nycChelsea Piers

If you haven’t decided on what activity to take on this winter, Chelsea Piers is the answer to your prayers. What’s better than a massive complex where you can rock climb after going for a swim? Or what about purchasing a Health Club Day Pass to try out some of the myriad of classes available? You’ll also gain access to the gym and strength equipment.

After working out so much, you’ll need to refuel and recover. Check out our blog to find out the best eateries in New York. Or simply stop by for brunch at the Royalton Park Avenue Rooftop restaurant and café.