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Why Clean Beauty Matters

Why Clean Beauty Matters

September 16th, 2019 | Fashion

You may have heard of the term “clean beauty.” Do you know what it means and, more importantly, why it has become such a fast-growing trend in the cosmetics industry? Read all about it here. 

What is Clean Beauty?

Understanding what clean beauty means is great for four main reasons: it’s good for your body, benefits the environment, follows cruelty-free practices and focuses on sustainability.  

Unsafe, Toxic Chemicals

In recent years, people have become aware of how unregulated the cosmetic industry is. If you read the label of an average beauty product, we bet that you might not even be able to pronounce some of the ingredients. A great number of them have been proven to damage people’s health and pollute the environment. 

Safe Synthetics vs Natural Ingredients

With the growing demand for clean alternatives for makeup and toiletries, companies have responded in two ways. Some use only 100% natural, sustainable and organic products. While this is a superb alternative, it may prove difficult to achieve certain textures or produce bright colors that many people love. This is where safe synthetics come in. Many companies have found ways of creating synthetic ingredients that are harmless, sustainable and effective. Some claim that their synthetic ingredients are more effective than their natural counterparts. 

What Toxic Ingredients Should You Avoid?

Some of the most common harmful, for people and the environment, ingredients found in beauty products are: 


Used in cosmetics as preservatives, they disrupt hormones, are easily absorbed by the skin and may increase the risk of breast cancer. 


This is particularly dangerous because we don’t know what’s in each product’s “fragrance” formula. This is where many companies include toxic components. 


Used to plasticize, soften or improve color of products and scents, these chemicals may cause hormone disruption and increase the risk of breast cancer. They are usually added to the secret fragrance formula. 

For a comprehensive and detailed list of toxic ingredients, check out Credo Beauty’s Dirty List. To learn more about safe synthetic ingredients, read Drunk Elephant's Philosophy

Where Can You Find Clean Beauty Products?

Nowadays, major stores like Sephora are selling more clean products every year. Department stores and pharmacies are also joining the movement. We’ve uncovered our 5 favorite clean beauty stores in New York that sell safe, sustainable and fun products. 

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