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All You Need to Know About NYCxDesign 2019

All You Need to Know About NYCxDesign 2019

April 8th, 2019 | Design

Designs. The blueprints that allow our world to keep on developing. The dreams, fantasies and, ultimately, creations of generations past, present and future. Well, here for another year, is the NYCxDesign celebration. The place to see hundreds of exhibitions, installations, trade shows, panels, product launches, open studios, and more. All showcasing, in some way, design.

What Is It?

NYCxDesign is an immense celebration of design. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe. It features over a dozen different design disciplines through a myriad of expositions. The ultimate goal? To be recognised at their NYCxDesign awards ceremony on May 20, 2019. They celebrate outstanding achievement across major areas of design by taking into account everything from architecture to interiors, products to accessories, craft to technology, and even NYC-specific categories like “Made in the Boroughs.”

Who Can Attend?

The event invites anyone, local or international, interested in design-related happenings to participate. Just send your submission to the administration team to review. Submissions are open until April 8, 2019. Just want to visit? They welcome (and encourage) everyone to come and experience NYC’s design scene. Most events are free to enter and ticketed events are managed by host venues.

Where Does it Take Place?

NYCxDesign takes place over all of New York. Events are held in all five boroughs! The locations vary from convention facilities and galleries to design schools and public parks. They conveniently list all their events on their website, and the instructions on how to get to them. No thinking required.

When Does it Start?

The NYCxDesign launches on May 10, 2019 and stays open until May 22, 2019. Timings will vary depending on host opening and closing times. The best part is that with countless events and schedules available, you can arrange your choices around your own schedule.

facade-of-cooper-hewitt-design-museumWhat Should I See?

A few suggestions we would recommend, and examples of what to expect are:

Futureworks Makerspace Open House

You can visit NYC’s largest makerspace, with metal, wood, machine, electronics, and sewing facilities. Find out about adult and children’s classes.

Renew Me: Design for the End of the World

Designers were invited to imagine society 100 years from now, when natural resources have been depleted and there is a boom of sustainable inventions. Then, they were asked to think about their own ecological footprint, choose a topic that they’re passionate about and address the issue.

Renovating FiDi: Skyscrapers, Plazas and the Impact of Zoning  w/ Aiany / Downtown Design District

A walking tour that focuses on Lower Manhattan’s significant spires of the 1930s, plus the reuse of older structures and 28 Liberty, One Liberty Plaza and 140 Broadway, including a stop at the Beekman Hotel.

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